actionable feedback to help you build a better product

I've led product teams and taught product management to some of the world's leading organizations. I'll dive into your app and provide detailed feedback, make recommendations, and answer specific questions you may have to help you build a Better Product.

Why You're Here

You have an Idea you want to build.

You have the key to unlocking something truly special, but you're not sure how to bring it to life.

You want to make sure the idea you have is actually worth executing.

You think you're ready to move, but aren't sure where to start.

You've built an MVP and tested the market.

You've taken an idea and built some experiments, maybe even a simple version of your vision.

You're not sure if you should pivot, proceed, or abandon.

You want to take your MVP and keep going, but aren't sure what's next.

You've already launched and have a functioning product.

You've built it. It's live. People can use it, but you want to make it better. You want to grow it. You want to maximize your effort.

You think it could be more usable, but you aren't sure how.

You want your customers and users to be successful, but aren't sure how to go about it.

What You Get

Reactions from a first-time user, explained by a professional.

Headshot of Andrew Gassen

Recommendations, prioritized by potential impact.

Picture of a prioritzed roadmap

A playbook for how to make YOUR customers successful.

Image of customer success flow diagram.

A video documenting the entire process.

Screenshot of a video recording.

How It Works

  1. I send you some questions to answer.

  2. You answer them and send back, along with the instructions on how to access your product.

  3. I go over everything in detail, capturing every thought along the way.

  4. I send you a custom-built guide for making your product better.

How You Buy


You want a deep dive on your product


You want an hour of 1:1 coaching

The checkout process for the Product Deep Dive is managed through my personal store at It's built on Podia, which is awesome.

The hourly consulting is managed by my Calendly account, which is also awesome.

Stripe handles payments for both, so you're safe, secure, and worry-free.

Who Am I?

Headshot of Andrew Gassen

I'm Andrew Gassen. I've been building software and software teams over the past decade for startups, large enterprises, and government agencies. I love it.

The highlights in my career come from helping things get "unstuck." My superpower is in helping people look at their problems, challenges, and situations from a different perspective, then helping them identify the path forward.

I'm putting together this experiment so I can try to do the same for you.

Copyright 2020 Get It Built LLC. All rights reserved.

© 2020 Get It Built LLC. All rights reserved.